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Benthic macroflora (workpackage 4.2)


Workpackage 4.2 aims at developing indicators of the impact of environmental pressures on transitional and coastal water macrophyte communities. Reference communities for seagrass and macroalgae are developed to derive class boundaries for ecological quality classes. A field sampling campaign was undertaken to generate data for uncertainty analysis of indicator development methodologies and the precision of assessment results. In particular, workpackage 4.2 aims:


During the summer of 2009 field work was performed at five sampling stations on European transitional and coastal waters: Oslo Fjord (Norway), Spanish Atlantic coast, Mondego Estuary (Portugal), Coast of Mallorca (Spain) and Lesina Lagoon (Italy). Sampling was designed to assess uncertainty in classification of water masses, due to spatial heterogeneity between and within locations in the water mass and due to differences between experts. All samples have been processed, and the data is being uploaded to the common database designed for uncertainty estimations of ecological status classification.

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